Vene Thursday Bash

Join Prague’s fellow students for Thursday beer and cocktails at the beautiful KU Bar. You can also invite your friends and colleagues from outside who would like to join you for a fun night.

Just please arrive before 10pm to receive it.

We will have a surprise entertainment at 10.30pm, so don’t be late.

We will have yummy, discounted Sour-Cherry Gin Slings. Price: TBA.

The Vene Thursday Bash is an opportunity to take a well earned breather in between term studies and party in style.

Entrance fee: 100kc. However, we will explain how you can get in for free ūüėÄ We will post about it, and also inform you at the entrance.

Music: DJ Fume.

We should have a great turnout from the Anglo American University and other international universities of Prague. Don’t miss this.


Color Wars – Dress Up

Let’s see which School has the most spirit! Dress up in the color of your School or group and show your pride by posting a picture on Instagram! Make sure to tag @aauprague and #AAUSpiritWeek.


School of Business Administration – BLUE

School of Humanitie and Social Sciences / School of Journalism – RED

School of Internatinal Relations & Diplomacy – YELLOW

John H. Carey II School of Law – WHITE

Faculty & Staff – GREEN

All day Everywhere!

Meet your 2016/17 Student Council!

Yet another academic year has kicked in and once more, your student council was successfully voted in for by you, fellow students, on the 23rd of September. Last week Friday, the council met on campus for their Annual General Meeting, a five-hour long introductory and mandatory discussion session where new members were inducted and shown the ropes. Friday’s meeting also decided who the executive members of the council would be. You can expect to see some familiar faces on the council- returning from last year such as President Adi Hadzic, who was elected into office by the council for a second consecutive term.

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Uni Music Night

1 night, 3 schools and 6 incredible bands!
The time has come… Inter Uni Music Night competition is BACK!
Join us for a night filled with entertainment and musical talent.

23rd of April at PM club, doors will open at 7:30.
Pre sale tickets
4-13th: 100 CZK
14-22nd: 150 CZK
At the door: 200 CZK

Come support your fellow friends as they battle their way through!

Keep a close eye on this event as we will be updating it with band information as well as chance to win tickets!


Next week is your opportunity to make a difference to your program. If you have ever felt there is something that could be improved, a course that could be added, a rule that should be changed, or a book that would make your studies easier, beginning next week we will be hosting round-tables to allow you to express your opinion.

If you have any comments regarding your program, no matter how big or small, please join us on and help us make your university experience outstanding.

AAU Annual Ball 2016

Organising the AAU Annual Ball 2016 wasn’t always easy, but last night proved that it was always, always worthwhile, and we are so grateful to every single person who helped make it amazing. For those who paid a visit (or three) to the bar, your memory of last night might be slightly blurred, so let us remind you. There were around 300 AAU students, staff and friends together in the beautiful National House of Vinohrady for a night of dancing, entertainment and celebration – and here are the pictures to prove it!


International Day at AAU

This year’s international day took place on¬†¬†Friday, November 20th for the first time in the new building. Teams representing ten¬†countries presented national dished and offered them for tasting. Visitors had the opportunity to vote for the best dish and the best table of the event. Winners were awarded with diplomas and gift certificates.




Best country of the event:

  1.  Brazil
  2.  Georgia
  3.  Armenia


Best dish of the event:

  1.  Sweet Brigadeiro (Brazil)
  2.  Mercimek Köftesi (Turkey)
  3. Imeurli Xachapuri (Georgia)


Workshop #prsakoule (boobs and balls)


Workshop #prsakoule (boobs and balls) is part of November project #AAUCares consisting of various activities promoting health and wellness of the body and mind.

Breasts and testicles are some of the most frequently touched organs.
We touch breast – our own or our partner ŐĀs ‚Äď 167 √ó a month and testicle even 369 √ó.

However, not so many people know that we all should touch them in the right way at least once a month and do a so called self-examination. 

The time has finally come

Caf√© des Taxis is opening it’s doors for the first time, and on Friday October 2nd at 6pm, we want you to join us for a Grand Opening Party.

For one night only, enjoy live music, along with deals on mixed drinks and cocktails, a new & improved food menu, and your first keg of beer for only 10Kc.

If that wasn’t enough, this is your opportunity to win a 200Kc voucher for the new caf√©, courtesy of the Student Council.¬† For your chance to be one of five winners, ask at the caf√© for an entry form, give your name & surname and towards the end of the event, the five winners will be chosen.

Don’t forget to join the Facebook event here
See you there!

An open letter to the administration of the Anglo-American University:

The move to the Thurn-Taxis Palace brought with it a clean slate; one on which the foundations for an effective learning environment could be built, in order to continue to shape the Anglo-American University into the elite institution that its founders had conceived.

Surely, one of the most fundamental qualities of an elite institution is its ability to provide for the basic needs of its students. Indeed, it had been promised prior to the relocation that students would enjoy greater access to printers on campus. Yet, a sheer lack of printing facilities continues to hinder students and their education. This was never more so the case, than on Friday 18th, Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd, when students were prevented from printing on campus with little warning and no explanation.

Every educational institution, no matter how large or small, has a responsibility to facilitate the education of its students, the work of its staff and the safeguard of its future; as of today, the University administration has failed to deliver on these responsibilities.

Without access to the most basic tools required to equip students with the means by which to learn, the AAU cannot realistically cater to the needs of the students of today, or crucially, to attract the students of tomorrow.

The Student Council therefore demands in the name of students present and future, an immediate explanation of the current failings and measures being undertaken to address them.

This letter was sent on Wednesday, September 23, and addressed to: Milan Fuńć√≠k (IT Director), David Piller (Operations and Facility Director), Tetyana Bryzhachenko (Facilities Manager), David Lipka (Acting Provost, Vice Provost for Student Affairs).

Responses from AAU 

Following the publication of our open letter, the university officials replied to us and explained the situation regarding the upgrade of printers.

Milan Fucik (IT Director) explained that the email informing students about the upgrade, sent on September 21st, was not complete. 

Full text that was supposed to be sent twice to all students goes as followed:


Dear colleagues,
we have decided to upgrade our SafeQ printing system to meet needs of our students. New system will provide additional services like:
– printing from any device over web portal (with authentication of course)
– printing from any device over GoogleApps e-mail
– the system will let us connect new multifunctional machines to the Student Lounges in future

When: next Friday, 18.9.2015

What will be unavailable: all “big” multifunctional printers/scanners/copy machines with ISIC card authentication
– Reception
– Computer Laboratory
– 2x Library

The installation should be done by external supplier (Konica Minolta) during the Friday. All credit information will be transferred to the new system. Please, inform our students & lecturers in advance! (e-mail or info at Library & SSC entrance etc.)


David Lipka (Acting Provost, Vice Provost for Student Affairs) stressed the¬†“importance of high quality learning environment” and ensured that the AAU administration have¬†been taking steps to turn AAU into one of the best campuses in Prague.

“Upgrading of the printing services was one them. The newly installed SafeQ printing system addresses one of the most clearly expressed concerns in the student satisfaction survey from the last year and will provide additional services like printing over web portal, GoogleApps e-mail, as well as allow for connecting new multi-functional machines in the Student Lounges in future.” – DL

As of today (October 1st) mobile printing system is prepared and available. The IT department has prepared a short document, describing the system, which is available HERE.