Join AAU Program Board for a funny, inspiring, and thought -provoking evening of seven short comedic plays by David Ives. 🎭 #AAUclubs#AAUstudents

“One of the zestier plates of theatrical tapas to be had.” – The New York Times.

Seven carefully curated plays titled “All in the Timing” explore how language defines and limits us, yet can be used to bridge the spaces between us. It’s a fast-paced comedy feast that makes you laugh while making you think. You’ll see:

• Chimpanzees attempting to write Hamlet
• Boy meets girl, again and again, and again
• A lesson in hidden social meanings in English
• Philip Glass buying a loaf of bread
• A man trapped in a city of the mind
• A woman finding her true voice through an artificial language
• How miniature golf can be like classical music

Plus live musical interludes – you will also have a chance to continue the evening in the theater bar with live guitar music that you’ll hear during the play!

REGISTER by emailing to by March 20th