Dear all,

The Awards Ceremony is just a few days away, and the nominations almost finalized. We have received over 170 nominations from the students and 53 nominations from the faculty members, so thank you to all those who took their time to support their peers and make this event possible! We are still receiving nominations and names from the faculty for awards which are non-SC and are chosen by the departments, such as the Company Awards and Best Thesis Award. The most current list of nominees is now published here.

The nomination and selection method for Student Council awards.

The nominations are open to all AAU students and faculty. Nominations were submitted through an online form, on paper at the reception, or by email. The nominations are then all converted to digital format. The digital database is in the hands of an entrusted SC member, who is responsible for keeping the anonymity of the nominators as well as maintaining and processing the nominations. Invalid nominations are removed from the system by the administrator. In each category, the top 3 most nominated names are chosen as the final nominees. In the case of same amount of nominations, the reasoning in the nominations is taken into account, as well as a possible investigation into the validity of the reasoning through available means. The award winner is decided on the same basis.

Kind regards,
Your Student Council