Full list of AAU students running in the 2015/2016 Student Council Elections


Adi Hadzic Adi Hadzic

As a member of the Student Council, I would like to work on expanding the variety of events we can offer to our students as it has been the case over the past two semesters. My ideas include continuing the work on AAU Field Trips, support and encouragement towards the clubs at our school, expanding the International Food Day to more participants and organizing a sports competition on a university level in Prague.

I have served as the president of the Student Council for the past semester at our school and we have created some new events which the students have recognized and enjoyed (Uni Music Night and the AAU Field Trips) and my goal is to build on these basis and improve the overall student satisfaction in terms of the extra curricular activities offered at our school. 

Aldin Muhovic 

I was in the Student Council last semester, and during that time I noticed a couple of things I think should change. Firstly, the Council should communicate more with the student body itself. And secondly, in addition to organising events for the students, SC should fight more for the students’ interests in various committees, whose rulings have a direct impact on our experience at AAU. I have a vision for the Student Council and that is why you should vote for me.

An Nguyen An Nguyen

As a member of the Student Council, my main goal is to bring together the possibilities that the AAU has to offer. I am confident in my ability to not only be active, but also to listen, to cooperate, and to tie together something we can all comfortably call a student identity. We all strive for something more, something better, but trying to realise who we are and what we can bring as students in an academic environment as well as our future careers needs an atmosphere which I want to focus on. We see the park, the courtyard, the ornate classrooms, but outside of that I feel are opportunities for clubs, associations, a grasp for a real community. To take part in this requires determination of which I am entirely prepared, and that is why I know I am a capable candidate. In terms of experience I have worked at a conference organisation for a year at several different posts from which I can bring what I learned to the table, and am more than happy to help and encourage what it means to be a student at this university.

Alex Jones Alex Jones

The opportunity to represent fellow students is one that I cherish; membership of the Student Council not only provides this, but offers a unique opportunity to share my perspectives and experiences representing students at my home university in the United Kingdom, and therefore, to offer a dynamic approach to the AAU and its Council. With your support I will work passionately to ensure the enrichment of the present, and the safeguard of the future.”


My name is Ilya Karnaukhov and I wish to be one of 10 new student council members.

The reason why I am applying is because I like to spend time with great, passionate people and like to help out any way I can when it comes to the things I care about. I have a startup, Cityfé, I manage and consult for companies on getting their workflow and User Experience to the optimal state.

You can find out more about me on my LinkedIn.

Martin Ranninger Martin Ranninger

The reason why I would like to be in the SC for the second term (first was last year) is the possibility to participate in creating beneficial environment not only for students but everyone at AAU. I would like to bring my perspective to managing student’s affairs, creating cultural events and in general be once again more part of the school.

I would like to cooperate with the Association of Social Responsibility and Global Compact which AAU has recently joined thank to our last years initiative. Both organization can enrich students’ experience at AAU while encouraging them to live more according to the principles they promote.

Michal Hron Michal Hron

As a student representative, I would like to establish closer collaboration with the administration, Student Council and the Alumni Council to enable initiatives such as a mentorship program connecting students and alumni for a career training programs and networking.

In the past, I served as a president of the SC. My most notable contributions include work on the Awards Ceremony, the Academic Tutoring Center, and the surge in club activity AAU saw last academic year.

Oleksandra Modelska Oleksandra Modelska

Dear freshmen and fellow students, I’m excited to run for the new SC elections. As a member of the previous SC team (year 2013, 2015). I gained valuable experiences and took part in organizing such famous events, as the Farewell BBQ, the Awards ceremony and also participated in AAU International Day. This year my aim is to make AAU Ball not only happen, but rather turn it into an annual symbol of our Anglo-American traditions. It would be my honor and pure pleasure to represent the AAU students again and implement our wishes and dreams into reality!