AAU Clubs

Clubs at Anglo-American University exist as a platform for students to connect with each other and form friendships which extend beyond classes. All official clubs at AAU are required to be accessible to all students. All club events should  be open to anyone from within the AAU community.

Have you been thinking about starting your own club at AAU? Are you interested in some specific activities, sports or perhaps art movements that you would like to share with other students? Simply submit an application to the Student Council!

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What clubs are at AAU?

Diplomatic Club


If you are interested in International Relations, would like to be a diplomat in the future, or are just looking to meet a group of people that aren’t afraid of having an intellectual conversation, come to one of our meetings and have a chance to talk about your interests in a non-classroom setting while making contacts that might come in useful in your future.

Regular meetings, field trips to embassies and conferences.

The AAU Diplomatic Club was set up by students of IR for people interested in current affairs, world politics, and diplomacy. The basic idea is to have people who would like to be diplomats (or work in a field related to IR) meet, set up a network of AAU future diplomats, and, through social events, learn and experience what sort of events you might attend as a diplomat. Between the social events, we meet regularly to discuss and converse about international relations and happenings.

Email: diplomatic.club@aauni.edu

Football Club


If you like to kick the ball then AAU football club is for you.

To gather fellow students of Anglo – American University in fun and teambuilding form of play – football. For experienced players, who wish to continue their trainings and practises with ball, and for beginners, who wish to try this magnificient sport.

We practise game each weekend. Friendly matches with different university teams. We would need funding to reserve the pitch.

Email: football.club@aauni.edu

Club President: Darkhan Majanov (darkhan.majanov@aauni.edu)

Hiking Club


Enjoy traveling and exploring the outdoors? Come hike with the AAU Hiking Club! Join us and other students from around the world as we venture through the Czech Republic. While some hikes may take place outside of the Czech Republic, most of the hikes will remain local and may also consist of visiting various castles and other amazing structures.

Treat this not only as a way to get outside of the AAU classroom, but also as a wonderful opportunity to meet new faces and engage further with the beautiful country where you’re living and studying! Hope to see you there!

We are planning to do both local hikes in Czech Republic as well as a few bigger trips outside of the country, which will likely take place later in the year. Some hikes will be covered by the public transportation in Prague while others will require transport by train or bus.

During some trips, students will also get the opportunity to tour castles and other structures or monuments associated with the trips. Students attending the hikes will be responsible for their own expenses regarding snacks, souvenirs, etc.

Email: hiking.club@aauni.edu

Club President: Gabriel McDonald (gabriel.mcdonald@aauni.edu)

Model United Nations


The MUN is the perfect club for anyone who wants to discuss current international political issues, practice speaking in public, learn how to debate, get to know the UN and its institutions better, hang out with like-minded engaged people, or all of the above! Get in touch to see what we can offer to you!

The club wishes first and foremost to be a social club, where the students have fun, but with a framework of academical and personal development.Our goal is to spread knowledge and interest in the work of the UN, but also other international organizations.

The MUN hopes to be a club which facilitates the sharing of opinions, holding of debates, training in public speaking, and developing of skills necessary for a life on the international stage.

Email: mun.club@aauni.edu

Club President: Knut Marius Uddu Skjerve (knut.skjerve@aauni.edu)