Set up your own…

Have you been thinking about starting your own club at AAU? Are you interested in some specific activities, sports or perhaps art movements that you would like to share with other students? Simply submit an application to the Student Council!

   The benefits of becoming an AAU club:

  • Funding, guidance and support from the AAU Student Council.
  • Use of AAU logo on any documents and promotional material.
  • Website recognition and an email account .
  • Official recognition on all published lists of clubs (AAU website, SC website, student publications, etc)
  • Free photocopying for club purposes.
  • Post adverts in approved areas.
  • Use of all-student email to contact students about your club.
  • Use of classrooms for club meetings.
  • Invitation to the official ‘Student Council and Club Year-end Appreciation Event’.
  • Here is a simple club application process you should follow:

1.    Complete the AAU Club Application form

which includes:

  • Statement of purpose
  • goal/objectives
  • benefit to student life
  • promotional paragraph (to be used on the AAU website/ print advertising)

2.    Submit completed form

to Student Council Secretary and/or Student Council Advisor by either putting it in his mailbox at school or by emailing them at and

3.    The application will be reviewed by Student Council

Once your club is approved, you may begin with an official recognition on all published lists of clubs at AAU!

4.    Maintain the club you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. Maintain the minimum number of 5 members ( 2 general members and 3 executive members including President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer);
  2. Ensure all club members conduct their activities in a respectful manner to the University and its policies;
  3. Have a faculty advisor. (recommended, not required)
  4. Throughout the year, the club is required to hold at least 1 meeting and 1 event in each semester.
  5. Submit all receipts for reimbursement within 7 days of your event.
There are two deadlines for club applications in 2015/16: October 18 and February 28

As soon as your club application is sanctioned, the Student Council can assist you with advertising, funding, and use of classrooms (or any other locations) that you might need for the club meetings and events. You can always count on our support and guidance.

The purpose of your club is completely up to you. If it is sports related, fill out the ‘sports club application’, if its anything else, from a movie club to a cheese tasting club, fill out the regular ‘club application’. Good luck!

Download the official guide for further details & forms: