Use your creativity and imagination to participate in the AAU Student Video Competition. Students or student teams will have a chance to create a 2-5 minute YouTube video or a 15-30 second Instagram video that inspires high school students and public communities to learn more about AAU.

The Video Competition is open to all AAU students. Individuals and groups are limited to a total of 5 entries.

The competition is organized and sponsored by Anglo-American University with its registered office in Prague, Letenská 5.

You will be judged on the following qualifications:

  • YouTube videos may be up to five (5) minutes long, Instagram videos are limited to up to thirty (30) seconds
  • Videos may be submitted via email for YouTube or posted to Instagram with the proper tags and accompanied by a notification of posting email
  • Original content and creativity
  • Accuracy of technical content and communication of that content to the proper audience
  • Presentation quality
  • The full name of the student(s) and the Anglo-American University logo and university name appearing prominently somewhere in the video

All videos must be publicly viewable (posted on Instagram or submitted via email to be posted to AAU’s Youtube channel). Other formats or submission methods (DVD, USB drive, Dropbox) will not be accepted.

If submitting a video as a group, designate one named representative to be the contact person and to accept the prize.

Each AAU student or team can create a maximum of five (5) videos for submission; however, a student/team will only be eligible to win a maximum of one (1) award.

Videos must contain only original material. Submissions cannot contain copyrighted music or images, unless you have proof of authorization to use them. When filming people, participants must ensure the subjects have given their written consent.

Violence, excessive profanity, sexually explicit content, libel and/or attacks on individuals or organizations may not be depicted in any form. Videos must not contain material that promotes intolerance, harassment, intimidation, racism, hatred or harm against any group, individual or organization or promote discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age.

Anglo-American University reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify and delete any entry it deems to be offensive, inappropriate, derogatory and libelous, or not in keeping with the competition theme or that is otherwise not in compliance with the official contest rules.

All entries must be received/posted by April 30, 2017, at 11:59 PM. Any entries received/posted after this time will not be considered.

  • March 20 – Competition opens
  • April 30  – Submissions due at 11:59 PM
  • May 10 – Judging and public choice closed – winners decided and notified
  • May 12 – Winners formally announced at AAU’s annual Awards Ceremony