Dear students,

The Anglo American University Student Council has, since its election in September 2013, spent a tremendous amount of time locked in activities in an attempt to renovate its procedural methodology and practices in order to rectify several issues and roadblocks which have undoubtedly hindered the Council’s productivity, decision-making, competence and efficiency in previous years.

From the beginning, we inherited a mechanism which was broken from its foundational core. Not only have we been engaged in rectifying an outdated Student Council Constitution, but we likewise needed to establish a functional Communications Strategy, implement effective marketing procedures, cater to student needs and demands for necessary social and academic activities as well as ensuring that each Student Council member represented your interests in accordance with the promises made during the electoral process. Thus, five months on, we have successfully reorganized the council in a way to ensure better management of our tasks and responsibilities especially for future council members.

Since the start of the academic 2013/2014 year, the SC has worked on (1) establishing an Academic Tutoring Center (ATC) in order to facilitate the improvement of academic written work produced by Anglo-American students. Incorporated in the ATC, a CEA Tutoring program has been further introduced in order to assist our students in subject areas where difficulty has been recorded i.e. theoretically based and mathematically based subjects; (2) establishing of a CEA – AAU Buddy system whereby students have a welcoming experience from the very beginning. The CEA-AAU Buddy program will allow for the diversification and integration of students from a variety of backgrounds to share their experiences, assist one another in an assortment of ways as well as establishing long lasting friendships. Furthermore we would like to include a general AAU Buddy system where long term AAU students will be matched up with AAU newbies to assist them with i.e. foreign police matters; introducing them to other AAU students; helping them settle in Prague and alike.  (3) Establishing an Anti-Cheating Committee in order to put pressure on students as well as the faculty in addressing overlooked policies whereby the standard of Anglo-American University is threatened by those who engage in undesirable activities such as cheating, plagiarism and outsourcing essay papers. (4) Improving the council’s transparency by publishing all our meeting minutes and encouraging the student body to attend our upcoming meetings whereby students can raise issues, give suggestions or just sit-in. (5) Establishing, designing and financing an official student council website which will contain a full spectrum of information about our activities, news, events et al. (6) Arranging and implementing the Crocodile Sandwich machine in order to provide healthier meal options for student on the go. (7) Organizing social and academic related  events which cater to the student body preferences i.e. Reducing stress for students and Study technique workshops, semester socials, outdoor/indoor activities, charity fundraisers in the likes of Caritas, sports activities, career orientated seminars, festive events, guest lectures, seminars i.e. forum on the UKrainian Crisis et al.

While a variety of projects deduced immediate results, others were focused on long term improvements for Anglo American University.  We aim to guarantee long term endurance of the hard work and effort concentrated upon during our tenure therefore we encourage you to speak to any of your SC representatives or visit our new website. Our ultimate goal has been centered on our accountability and commitment to making your university experiences memorable and rewarding while simultaneously reorganizing and improving the mechanisms available to us for long term continuation.

I encourage you all to take action and become vocal in your opinions, ideas, desires and suggestions. We have volunteered our time and efforts in helping YOU thus YOUR input is extremely vital. Tell us what’s on your mind either by speaking to a SC representative directly (list is SC members available on AAUNET) or write to us anonymously.  We can assist you in starting a petition; starting a new club; mediate on your behalf in front of staff and/or faculty members; advise you of channels available for your specific needs and requirements.

Upcoming events you can look forward to in the spring 2014 semester include (1) the 1st official Anglo American Awards Ceremony and after-party; (2) Semester socials; (3) Golf and Champagne day; (4) Poker Night; (5) CEA – AAU Buddy Program social; (6) Discover Prague Cultural Day; (7) International Day; (8) The annual BBQ at Kampa; (9) 2013/2014 Graduation Ceremony and after-party; (10) Sports Day; (11) A variety of guest lectures catering to all the faculties; (12) Makeover: Student Lounge Edition (13) Tea-tasting workshop and many more. Information about the above-mentioned events will be released in the coming weeks through our facebook page, our official website and through printed content posted around the university campus so please have a look at our notice board next to classroom 208.

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone for their support and constructive criticism during this past semester and especially those students who have been active contributors in coming up with ideas, proposed events, started an initiative be it volunteering, a sports club or any extracurricular activity dedicated to the enhancement of the AAU experience.

Let’s make Anglo-American University the epitome of success in all aspects and that success starts you.

Tanya Bechev
Student Council President