• After some team-building exercises, we cast votes on the various positions to be assigned. Arevik is to become the Club Coordinator, and Martin is now managing our IT needs.
  • Our meetings will be held on a weekly basis from 1730 to 1800, as well as monthly long meetings on the 2nd of April and the 30th of April as scheduled so far.
  • We have a host of events planned out, with the official schedule to be published accordingly.
  • Ray will be working on getting the club poster put together, followed by Facebook announcements.
  • The Student Council Constitution will be amended by Adi and Martin, and will be voted on in a subsequent meeting.
  • There were student complaints discussed surrounding the temporary leasing of a classroom to the Montessori institute, where AAU students were relocated to smaller classrooms and thus could not accommodate appropriately. A petition may have to be put together.
  • The Student Council will be working on making medical assistance available so as students will be able to communicate properly with hospitals, most likely through a compiled list of hotlines specific for non-Czech speaking needs.

Minutes have been published on SC Google Drive on March 6.