We are looking to put together a Boat Party, most probably in conjunction with the barbecue, and “Prague Boats” has offered 11,000kc/hr for roughly 100 people, while the “Boat Party Prague” has offered 22,000kc for between 2 and 3 hours (preferably 3 hours) with free entry into Duplex. We will try to negotiate an open bar in exchange for an hour on the boat or for the club deal instead. Tickets look to be priced from 150kc to 275kc depending on what deal we can secure.

The Barbecue also requires a permit for us to host the event at Kampa, which Iveta will be helping us in organising.

The Awards Ceremony will not be financed out of the Student Council budget, but we need to schedule the date and venue. May 11th has been suggested, but at least a Friday not coinciding with final exams and somewhere outside of AAU premises.

The Student Council Website has the main site completed by Martin, and he will be working on the subpages – our Discounts and Jobs pages have been removed due to inactivity. We will be promoting events and clubs more.

Furthermore, our student activities need to include the CEA community and we should be in touch with the CEA coordinator as well as the AAU administration with the hopes of producing a weekly newsletter.

We will be trying to organise Student Council Office Hours, hopefully using the Academic Tutoring Centre, or an adjacent room, above the library.

A display is being planned where students would write postcards addressed to President Trump, as an open outlet for people to voice their opinions.

Adi H. will be emailing Student Council members with various tasks over the course of this week as he will be away next week.