Clubs at Anglo-American University exist as a platform for students to connect with each other and form friendships which extend beyond classes. All official clubs at AAU are required to be accessible to all students. All club events should  be open to anyone from within the AAU community. Here are some tools that can be used to promote your club’s events:


Club’s Facebook and other Social Media

You can start a Facebook group or a page and communicate through there. Please learn the differences between groups and pages to determine the best fit for your purposes. If you communicate with the Student Council, it is possible to share your updates, photos or events on the official Student Council Facebook to boost your reach.

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School-wide Email

Student Council Website

If you have a longer text to share or a report from an event, you are encouraged to get in touch with the Student Council and post it on the Council’s website. Additionally, every club should have a page on the Student Council website.


One of the main benefits of starting an official club at AAU is the ability to print for free.  However, please note that all flyers and posters put up around campus and/or school premises must bear the official AAU logo and must be approved by Student Council Adviser. Distribute the posters by scattering them on tables in the library and in the student lounges in the new building!

Faculty-wide Email

For certain events, especially those of an educational character, you may want to consider reaching students by encouraging teachers to talk about your event. You may even invite teachers. The procedure is identical to sending email to students, that is: prepare the text, have it approved by the Student Council Adviser, and have it sent. Do not forget to include the subject line and the Reply to address.

Word of Mouth

Being faced with all the complex communication tools, it may seem like marketing your events requires a set of technological skills. In fact though, the most efficient way in our community tends to be just inviting your friends, who may invite their friends… AAU is a small school, so word of mouth is powerful; be enthusiastic, smile and put yourself out there!