It’s a new academic year, and that means we’re looking for 10 new members for this year’s Student Council. As a member, you’ll get to work with other students organizing events and activities, and possibly you’ll work with faculty and administrators on various committees, all in order to make AAU a better place for everyone. Student Council will give you the kind of experiences that will help prepare you for the workplace.

Campaigning for the office starts August 31 to September 6 and elections will be held the week of September 7-9 and  If you are interested, please send an email to student.council@aauni.edu or daniel.padolsky@aauni.edu September 6, the latest. Include in your email a paragraph (50 to 75 words) telling your classmates why you are interested in joining the Student Council and a photo if you wish.

Please note that you have to be able to attend a half-day extended meeting on either Saturday September 12 or Sunday September 13.

Come represent your classmates, have fun, and do something important for your school!