University Governance

Through membership in various governance bodies and committees, AAU students are able and encouraged to directly participate within various aspects of university governance.

For a better understanding of how AAU works, we suggest going through the following documents: University Statute, University Codex, Governance Map.

Should you be interested in membership within any governance bodies and/or committees, or have any questions regarding the governance of AAU, do not hesitate to contact the Student Council Secretary.

University Governance Bodies & Committees

The Academic Council

University Governance Committee (Advisory to President)

Finance Committee (Advisory to President)

Marketing Committee (Advisory to President)

Strategic Planning Committee / WASC Steering Committee (Advisory to President)

Operations Committee (Advisory to COO/CFO)

Academic Writing and Information Literacy Committee (Advisory to Provost)

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee (Advisory to Provost)

Library Committee (Advisory to Provost)

Student Services Committee (Advisory to Provost)

Curriculum Committees (Advisory to Deans)