University Governance

Through membership in various governance bodies and committees, AAU students are able and encouraged to directly participate within various aspects of university governance.

For a better understanding of how AAU works, we suggest going through the following documents: University Statute, University Codex, Governance Map.

Should you be interested in membership within any governance bodies and/or committees, or have any questions regarding the governance of AAU, do not hesitate to contact the Student Council Secretary.

University Governance Bodies & Committees

The Academic Council

The Academic Council is an academic body which reviews and coordinates the activities of AAU relating to study, education, research, development and other academic matters. 

Members of the Academic Council are appointed and recalled by the President in accordance with University Statute.

Chair: Alan Krautstengl (AAU President) l SC representatives: Adi Hadzic, Michal Hron

University Governance Committee (Advisory to President)

  • Advise on university governance matters, including the establishment of committees and advisory bodies; advise on and assist with updates of Governing Documents (Statute, Codex, Bylaws).
  • Advise the university and cooperate with the President’s and Provost’s Collegia on developing, updating and implementing Directives, Policies, Procedures and Contracts.
  • Serve as a focal point for collecting, formulating and analyzing governance initiatives from all AAU Stakeholders.
  • Advise the President and BOT on governance matters to ensure that AAU’s governance system promotes efficient performance, appropriate responsibility and accountability, and that AAU exhibits integrity and transparency.
  • Advise the President and BOT on governance matters to ensure compliance with WASC standards, best practices, and applicable law.
  • Advise the President on organizational structures that ensure compliance with the Governing Documents, clear and consistent decision-making, including the role of faculty and advisory committees.

Chair: Tomas Vachuda (VP & GC) l SC representative: Aldin Muhovic

Finance Committee (Advisory to President)

  • Advise on seeking alternative sources of funding (grants, donations).
  • Collect inputs relevant for budgeting from university stakeholders as proposals for university development in various areas (Budget enhancement process) and recommend priorities; ensure that the strategic priorities of AAU are reflected in the budget.

Chair: Vera Prevratilova (COO/CFO) l SC representative: An Nguyen

Marketing Committee (Advisory to President)

  • Advise on marketing, recruitment and external relations matters.
  • Advise on effective ways of external communication, PR and marketing strategies, to communicate the institutional mission and vision to all stakeholders of the institution, potential student, and general public.

Chair: Dana Kucejova (Marketing Director) l SC representative: Alexander Jones

Strategic Planning Committee / WASC Steering Committee (Advisory to President)

  • Advise on matters of long and short term planning at the University: develop strategic plans
    and consequent action plans for each academic year.
  • Ensure that perspectives of all AAU stakeholders are represented in the plans.
  • Oversee the accreditation process by WSCUC (WASC Senior College and University
    Commission) at AAU.
  • Actively participate in developing AAU self-studies for WSCUC (part of the accreditation

Established in 2013 it led the university through development of the Strategic Plan for 2015-2020. The plan was approved by Board of Trustees at their December 2014 meeting.

The first half of 2015 was devoted to development of an Action Plan for 2015/2016. The Action Plan was approved by the Board of Trustees at their June 2015 meeting.

In Fall 2015 the Committee will focus on preparing the visit of WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), while regularly checking the progress on fulfilling the Action Plan.

Chair: Katarina Stehlikova (VP & ALO) l SC representative: Adi Hadzic

Operations Committee (Advisory to COO/CFO)

  • Advise on issues related to facilities, including their quality, development and esthetics.
  • Assist with an analysis of needs related to facilities (satisfaction of various constituencies)
    and propose solutions to the identified problems.
  • Provide input regarding development of financial procedures and policies.
  • Advise on HR policies related to staff and faculty.
  • Advise on effective leadership systems to ensure high performance, appropriate
    responsibility, and accountability, build on the work of Corporate Governance committee
    and assist with clarification of roles and improving effective communication channels
    between individuals and departments.
  • Cooperate with Provost office and individual Schools to advise on development of long-term
    strategy for development of faculty for all programs at AAU; cooperate with the President’s
    collegium to advise on development of long-term strategy for staffing in administrative
    positions to ensure that university has personnel in sufficient number and with appropriate
  • IT: Evaluate the existing systems at AAU and develop key topics that need attention in the
    short and long run (assist with strategic plan of development of IT systems).

Chair: Vera Prevratilova (COO/CFO) l SC representative: An Nguyen

Academic Writing and Information Literacy Committee (Advisory to Provost)

  • Analyze the current situation in academic writing and information literacy, evaluate subjects that focus on development of the relevant skills.
  • Analyze the situation of information literacy: discuss and agree on its relevance in different programs and at AAU in general.
  • Develop proposals for improvement and specific adjustments in both, academic writing and information literacy, for all programs taking into account the results of assessment of the student data.

Chair:  l SC representative: Alexander Jones (BA), Kamila Suchomel (MA)

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee (Advisory to Provost)

  • Constantly review and update guidelines for working with LOs (at all levels, including curriculum mapping) and their assessment at AAU with emphasis on the efficiency of the solutions.
  • Develop methods for and assist with assessment of ILO.
  • Assist with revision and clarification of the institutional LOs for the university and their assessment.
  • Advise on development of efficient learning tools and methodologies in support of student learning and active engagement.
  • Advise on data collection of assessment results and dissemination of the collected information.
  • Advise on optimal strategies for generating general understanding of the concepts by all faculty and orientation for new instructors.

Chair: David Lipka (Provost) l SC representative: vacant (BA & MA)

Library Committee (Advisory to Provost)

  • Advise the library with directions for development, in terms of collections and offer of related services.
  • Advise the library on library policies (including loaning, open hours, etc.).

Chair: Zuzana Volmuthova (Library Director) l SC representative: Vladimir Palicka

Student Services Committee (Advisory to Provost)

  • Advise on development of student support services (including but not limited to: financial aid, registration, advising, career counseling, computer labs, and library and information services; and other services e.g. accommodation), analyze the needs and propose solutions to the identified issues.
  • Advise on development and assessment of co-curricular programs, including sports and cultural events, and effectiveness of student services offered.
  • Advise on effective ways of communication with and engagement of students, including improvements in advising and communication of academic matters (in cooperation with Provost Collegium).

Chair: SSC Manager l The Student Council representative: Oleksandra Modelska

Curriculum Committees (Advisory to Deans)

  • Responsibility for regular program reviews, development of new courses, re-evaluation of LOs; should be linked to the Academic scrutiny committee at the School (Codex).

School of Business Administration – Michal Hron

School of International Relations and Diplomacy – Aldin Muhovic

School Humanities & Social Sciences – Martin Ranninger

School of Journalism – Martin Ranninger