Workshop #prsakoule (boobs and balls) is part of November project #AAUCares consisting of various activities promoting health and wellness of the body and mind.

Breasts and testicles are some of the most frequently touched organs.
We touch breast – our own or our partner ́s – 167 × a month and testicle even 369 ×.

However, not so many people know that we all should touch them in the right way at least once a month and do a so called self-examination. 

 What you are going learn on the workshop:
– How to detect the breast cancer, testicular cancer and other types of cancer
– Where to go on routine checkups
– Where to go, if you find something strange on your body
– How to talk about cancer and other serious illnesses, if you or some of your close friends or family get ill
Above all, you are going to try:
– How to feel lumps on special training models of breasts and testicles
– The right self-examination technique
The non-profit organization Loono educates people in a field of prevention of oncological diseases in women and men and helps the afflicted ones and their families. The project is under the patronage of the First Faculty of Medicine at the Charles University in Prague.
The campaign “Sahám si na ně každý měsíc” (“I touch them every month”) spreads awareness of importance of self-examinations in prevention of breast cancer and testicular cancer. Its aim is to teach young people how to examine #prsakoule (boobs and balls) correctly and regularly and to detect the cancer in time.